Art on the Underground

Creative Campaign

Praline was commissioned by Art on the Underground to create a new campaign which launched in Summer 2019. 

Art on the Underground produces critically acclaimed works of art for London’s Underground to be seen by millions of people each day. 

Art on the Underground asked TFL staff and others involved in projects to pick their favourite artwork from the history of the programme and say what it is that makes it meaningful to them.

A wide range of leading artists feature in the campaign, from Daniel Buren to Laure Prouvost.


Our campaign aims to promote the variety of artworks displayed throughout the last nineteen years, whilst highlighting connections between the art and the audience. 

The visual language we created connects the artwork with the location, the people and their own experiences, communicating the essence of Art on the Underground whilst promoting that the artworks belong to the people.  

Together with Art on the Underground, we commissioned the photographer Alex Ingram to produce a series of portraits for the campaign. 

Alex has worked in similar environments and has produced amazing portraits that have a natural and relaxed look which compliments the campaign perfectly.

To develop this new visual language, we had the opportunity to explore the London Transport Museum Depot for inspiration.

From this research we have referenced a variety of shapes, lines and arrows used on previous TFL ephemera, keeping a connection with the transport communication.

The colour palette was inspired by the vibrance of colour we found on original TFL tickets and screen-printed posters stretching back to the early 1900s. 

Together this created a richness of detail whilst the layout and art direction gives the campaign a contemporary edge.